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JDM Heart Ring Charm w/ Black Handle Strap | Tsurikawa

JDM Heart Ring Charm w/ Black Handle Strap | Tsurikawa

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A must-have accessory for all JDM car lovers!

In Japanese culture, Tsurikawa (つり革) refers to a strap or handle that hangs from the ceiling of a crowded train or bus, which passengers can hold onto to maintain balance during a bumpy ride.

In the heyday of the bosozoku (young, hot-blooded Japanese gangsters!!) tsurikawas were stolen to be hung in their cars as a symbol of rebellion against authority. Paired with the bosozoku's love of cars, the tsurikawa has since become a classic JDM culture symbol.

Nowadays, the tsurikawa has become a popular accessory among car enthusiasts and is often used as a decorative item in cars and motorcycles. It is also sometimes referred to as "JDM ring" due to its popularity in Japanese car culture.


  • 1:1 scale replica of actual tsurikawas found on modern Japanese trains
  • Six colours available to suit your taste
  • The strap is made of sturdy Nylon
  • The heart/ring is made of durable PVC
  • Can be installed both in the interior and exterior of your car
  • Easy to install with the provided zip tie
  • Size: refer to the dimension photo
  • Weight: approx. 42g

Package includes:

  • 1* Tsurikawa


  • For decoration purpose only. NOT SUITABLE FOR TOWING OR LOAD BEARING.


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