Frequently Asked Questions

What does Perfect Shift 完全 シフト means?
The brand name was conceived by the founder when the transmission of his WRX went bust. The painstaking journey to repair the transmission made him appreciate (more than before!) the fun (and power!) of manual driving - with each perfect shift we come closer to awakening the beast under the engine hood! This name, ‘Perfect Shift’, represents our goal of providing perfect driving experiences for fellow JDM enthusiasts.
The Japanese characters ‘完全 シフト’ translates to ‘perfect shift’. It is incorporated into the brand as our inspiration and reflects our connection to the Japanese culture.


Any promotions or special offers?
Upon subscribing to our email newsletter, you will get a unique 10% discount code.

You can also join our Perfect Reward Program, earn points every time you shop and redeem during checkout.


Where are we based and where do we ship to?
We are located in Melbourne, Australia, and we ship worldwide.


Do you offer free delivery?
For domestic orders, free delivery for orders above $86.
For international orders, free delivery for orders above $150.