Aftermarket shift knob carbon fibre

A Complete Guide For Gear Knobs Compatibility Check 2024

Interested in our shift knobs but unsure if they will fit your car? Here is a step-by-step guide to help you ensure the fitment.


Our shift knobs come with one of the three different types of adapters:

  • Type 1: M8, M10, M12

Most of our knobs come with this type of adapter. The letter ‘M’ and numbers here advise that the internal diameters of the adapters are 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. This type of adapter have NO internal thread, and are designed for gear levers with existing threads.

How does it work if the adapter has no threads? Self-threading (or self-tapping)! The precise internal diameter ensures existing threads on your gear lever cut into the adapter - creating perfectly matching internal threads to help fasten the knob and prevent pull-out!


shift knob adapters dimensions diagram
showcasing shift knobs installed with matched adapters
  • Type 2: M8*1.25mm, M10*1.25mm, M10*1.5mm

The letter ‘M’ and the numbers after that means the same thing as Type 1 - the internal diameters of the three adapters are 8mm and 10mm. The numbers after that - 1.25mm and 1.5mm, mean the internal thread pitch of the adapters. Thread pitch means the distance between the peaks of the two neighbouring thread, measured in millimeters. The external dimensions of this type of adapters is the same - M12*1.25mm.

This type of adapters is suitable for gear levers that have existing threads with matching thread pitch.

For now, THE HONJO MASAMUNE is the only shift knob that comes with this type of adapter.

thread pitch diagram


katana shift knob installed with matched adapters
  • Type 3: Rubber Adapters With Hex Wrench & Mini Screws

The letter ‘M’ and the numbers after that means the same thing as the Type 1 - the internal diameters of the four adapters are 8mm, 10mm, 11mm and 12mm. This type of adapters have no internal thread nor external thread, and compatible with gear levers with or without threads. Due to the rubber’s stretchable form, they may also be suitable for gear levers in irregular shapes.

The mini screws are designed to "bite" into the adapter on three sides; thus tightly securing the adapter onto the shift lever.

For now, THE BLACKOUT  is our only shift knob that comes with this type of adapters.

Four rubber shift knob adapters and one is installed in a gear knob's bottom section


- For cars with automatic transmissions, check if there is a button lock mechanism. If yes, then regrettably, our shift knobs are not compatible.

- For cars with manual transmission, do you have to lift the OEM shift knob up to engage the reverse gear? If yes, our shift knob might fit but may result in a slight gap between the lever and the knob (for you to reverse of course!). Continue reading to check other measurements!

A red cross on a picture of a shift knob with button on side


- If the OEM gear lever is cylindrical threaded, go to next step

- If the gear lever is not cylindrical (for example rectangular or irregular shaped), only the Type 3 adapters may be compatible, if the OEM gear lever is small enough for the rubber adapter to fully enclose.


This is the most important step to ensure fitment. You need to measure your gear lever’s dimensions including its external diameter and thread size. Here is a thread sizing chart for your reference, however, we strongly recommend to use a vernier calliper and a thread gauge to get the accurate measurements, or seek advise from a professional mechanic.

Measure shift lever using a thread gauge and a venier calliper


Once you have confirmed that our shift knobs will fit your car, feel free to select the knob that best suits your preferences. Kindly note that in some cars, aftermarket shift knobs may result in slight mismatch or gap with the OEM shift boot. This can be addressed with aftermarket boot retainers, and our beautiful aftermarket shift boot covers!

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