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Japanese Folklore Hand-drawn AB Pillars Cotton Sticker

Japanese Folklore Hand-drawn AB Pillars Cotton Sticker

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This printed fabric sticker features a beautifully hand-drawn tapestry of Japanese folklore that will completely change the look of your car.


  • Made with cotton and brocade with adhesive backing
  • Designed for car AB pillars, but also suitable for plastic, wood, metal surfaces of automotive interiors, and room decoration
  • Featured design includes: Geisha (芸者, representing traditional Japanese female entertainers); Hannya (般若, representing warding off evil spirits and bad luck); Kitsune (狐, a fox spirit representing intelligence and magical abilities)
  • Comes with AB pillar pryer and squeegee for easy application
  • Size: 1 PC = 72cm × 25cm (28.3" × 9.8")
  • Weight: 1 PC = 50g
  • For best result, AB pillar casing needs to be removed (see below installation guide), and sticker needs to be trimmed
  • Not suitable for fabric or plush surfaces
Installation Guide:
  1. Remove the AB pillar casing using the provided pryer
  2. Clean the casing surface and let dry
  3. Remove the backing adhesive and slowly apply the sticker to the pillar casing
  4. Make sure that casing's edges are fully wrapped by the sticker
  5. Trim off excess areas of the cotton sticker
  6. Reinstall the pillar casing


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