About Us


Perfect Shift 完全 シフト was founded by a couple based in Melbourne, Australia in 2021. The girl’s JDM journey began in 2012 when she raced and set time attack records in the arcade game Initial D, always driving the lead character Takumi Fujiwara’s Trueno AE86. She joined a professional gaming team and excelled in racing. Since then, she fell for Japanese car culture, and the 86 became her dream car.

In 2021, the girl had been the proud owner of a Toyota GT86 for some time. During her journey of building the car, she realised that it was challenging to find JDM accessories that matched her preferences. The available products were either too mundane or overly expensive. And that’s when the idea for our brand was born!
The story behind the brand name is even more fascinating. One day, the boy’s WRX experienced issues with the gear shifter, resulting in clumsy gear shifts. It was then he came up with the name ‘Perfect Shift’, perfectly encapsulating our mission to make fellow JDM enthusiasts’ car looks perfect.
We exist not only to offer great JDM products at competitive prices but also to provide a platform for like-minded JDM lovers to express their passion for car cultures.


Why Perfect Shift 完全 シフト is a perfect place to shop JDM car accessories?

As a brand built by JDM enthusiasts for JDM enthusiasts, we understand the importance of offering good quality car decorations and accessories to fellow drivers. We believe that this is a perfect place to shop JDM stuff for the reasons that:

  • Local stock & fast shipping: All items available are Australia stock, we do not drop ship, which ensures a fast & seamless shipping and after-sale service. We aim to dispatch orders within 24 hours, and all orders will be provided with tracking information
  • Satisfaction guarantee: All orders are processed by ourselves with care and love, guaranteeing the quality of the items shipped
  • Competitive pricing: All products are sold online only, therefore costs have been reduced. We actively seek suppliers offering high-quality products at affordable prices, so you enjoy items of equal quality at a reduced price
  • Exclusive gifts & discounts: Gifts and discounts will be offered to our regular customers as well as those who refer friends to shop with us
  • Great customer service: our team members are friendly and responsive. While we may not be professional mechanics, we will do our best to resolve any issues that you may have to the best of our knowledge.